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Welcome to CC motorcycle training CBT online booking. 

From here you can view our CBT course availability, and book and pay for your course.




EXP/RENEWAL - suitable for riders who have completed a CBT before, and have at least 6 months on-road experience. If you wish to complete your course on a geared bike but have only ridden an auto before, please get in touch before booking. If you have significant off-road experience and a full driving licence, this course should be appropriate for you.


NOVICE - suitable for new riders, or those with little prior experience. Your course will be conducted on an automatic machine.


PLEASE NOTE: EXP/RENEWAL courses are ONLY suitable for riders who have completed a CBT course before, and have at least 6 months of recent road-riding experience (or significant off-road experience - please call if you are unsure!). Please do not book a space on this course type if you don't have the required experience - you will not be able to take part, and no refund will be offered. If you wish to complete CBT on a geared bike but have never ridden before, you are strongly advised to book a pre-cbt course. 


Whilst we do our best to help you complete your course within the time stated, there is no guarantee - individual ability and aptitude, and balance, are personal issues, and not everyone will be able to reach the required standard in such time. In this case, you will be required to book further training at the same day-rate as your original course.


In order to take part in CBT you must:


Be at least 16 years of age (17 if you wish to ride a 125cc bike).


Have a UK licence - please enter your licence number during the booking process.


Have recent push/pedal bike experience.



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