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CBT Courses

  CBT Courses are £150 using your own bike. 

Bike Hire is £10 extra if needed.


Unfortunately due to our incredibly busy work schedule it is not always possible for us to receive/return any calls.

But you can contact us via:


 Please ensure all bookings are made in the name of the person taking the course.

This information is required on the day and if not correct could cause issues/delays on the day.

CBT: Compulsory Basic Training 

This course is required by law for anyone wishing to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road. At 16 years old you can only ride a 49cc moped and at 17 years old or above you can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle.

The CBT only allows you to ride under the provisional conditions of your driving licence, this means you will need to have L-Plates displayed, won't be allowed to carry a passenger, travel on motorways or ride anything larger than a 125cc machine. 

   Compulsory basic training (CBT) has 5 elements taken over a 6hr training period (4hrs off road 2hrs on road). The training day will start at the listed time, but due to having up to 4 students on a course of various abilities and experience, a finish time cannot be specified.

      Introduction and eyesight check 


      Practical on-site training


   Practical on-site riding


       Practical on-road training


     Practical on-road riding

The CBT course can be booked on the next page and courses are run continuously throughout the year.

 Please be aware the CBT course is run as an intensive training course over one day.  

(approximately 6hours)

Although this does suit the majority of people, this intensive training is not for everyone, the learning curve can be very steep. 

To be able to pass the course in 1 day/6 hours we would expect the student to arrive with recent experience riding a push bike on the road to a confident/competent level. They should also have a good understanding of the highway code/road craft and be able to demonstrate safe decision making when dealing with all traffic situations.


 If you have no experience on 2 wheels or are not very confident, you could possibly consider taking a slower approach to your training.

When learning to drive a car (with 4 wheels, a protective shell and the instructor sat next to you with dual controls) an average of 40-45 hours of lessons are taken, lessons are usually taken weekly to allow time to absorb and fully understand the information being taught. 


 Individual 1:2:1 1 Hour lessons. 

Individual 1-to-1-hour lessons are also available to book to suit your requirements. 

These lessons are £35/hour including bike hire.

 This lesson will get you familiar with riding a motorcycle or moped in advance of your CBT day which can make the CBT course much easier. (You will have less to learn on the day of your CBT)

 The 1-hour lesson can also be used to learn to ride with clutch and gears if the CBT was passed on an automatic machine. 

This lesson can also be used to finish a CBT if extra time is required after completing a full CBT course. 

Individual CBT lessons must be taken within 1 Month (30 days) of each other and start within 1 Month (30 days) of the original CBT course to ensure continuous training.

1hr lessons can also be used as a refresher for someone who has not ridden a motorcycle/moped for a while. 

Please note the 1 hour lessons itself is not a complete CBT course.

However should you wish to use these 1-to-1 lessons to complete a full CBT course please tell us in the notes section when booking.

(It takes at least 5x1hr lessons to cover every element required for a CBT sometimes longer depending on previous experience.)

1 hour lessons can be booked


Training with us. 

Our off-road training site is by far the largest in the area giving you ample room to learn and practise your basic skills.

All our CBT courses are always made enjoyable and fun but are always run to the highest possible standard. 

Please don't think that all CBT courses are taught the same over the country, there is a huge difference in what some consider acceptable.

Our students notice a big difference in the standard of training received when taking their renewal CBT if they have previously trained elsewhere. 
Those starting their full licence courses often wish they had taken their first CBT with us as they have never been taught some of the most basic machine skills correctly.

What you will need to bring.   

You will need to bring your UK photo card licence with you on the day. (Old style paper licences must be presented with a valid passport as ID.)

 A valid copy of your driving licence summary is also required.

Full details of where and how to obtain a copy of your driving licence summary can be found by looking on google or full details are at the end of your booking process.

Unfortunately failure to produce both your photo card driving licence and a valid driving licence summary may result in no on-road training taking place.

 Charges may apply for re-booking.

Please note it is your responsibility to check your licence is valid to use for training in the UK.

A good understanding of the highway code will need to be demonstrated during the course, if you are booking this for somebody else, please ensure they at least know the basic principles of giving way at junctions and roundabouts prior to booking to ensure their safety during the road element of the course.

Please if possible bring your own in ear headphones with a 3.5mm Jack, these are widely available to purchase prior to attending.

We can provide an over ear headphone for all on road training, due to their size these can cause discomfort. Most students do find the in ear headphones more comfortable. As these cannot be shared due to hygiene reasons we can only offer them for purchase for individual use at £3.

We MUST have this radio contact with students on the road by law.


A CBT course has a set legal structure that requires full on time attendance without exception.

You may be turned away & lose your fee if you arrive late or cannot provide the appropriate documentation.

Appropriate Clothing.

A Helmet, Jacket and Gloves will be required, along with appropriate sturdy bottoms without rips. Sturdy footwear including boots that cover the ankle are also required which allow easy use of the controls. 

We can supply equipment for use whilst training with us, but it is limited and we cannot cater for all shapes and sizes.  The equipment we have available consists of helmets, jackets, gloves and limited sizes in boots and trousers.

Please note: There is no protection offered by tracksuit bottoms or trainers and you may be turned away from training and tests if clothing or footwear is deemed unsuitable and alternatives are refused.


Bike hire.

Bike Hire is £10 for the day and includes full and insurance on a 3rd party basis.


If using your own machine, we will need to check that it is taxed, MOT'd and insured in your name for the day. 

If you cannot provide this information, you will not be able to use it.

      It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they book on the most appropriate machine and course for their skill level/abilities.

Please select the bike you wish to use carefully as changes on the day are not always possible.

         Should you not be sure of which bike to use, then please to contact us to discuss prior to attending.

      We reserve the right to put you on a machine we consider is the most appropriate for you. 

Your instructor on the day will have the full and final decision on this. 

Course Duration.

Our CBT courses are run as a 6-hour course (4hrs off road including safety talks and 2hrs on road).

The course can take longer up on busy days with 4 novice riders.

The experienced riders course will run a lot faster and take less time. 

Please be aware that you can only take part in the road element of the course after successful completion of the off road element. Should you not achieve this, then your training will be terminated for that day and further training will be required to complete the course.

Changing the date.

Should you wish to move the date of your CBT you can do so up to 72hrs prior to the course start by clicking below.

Cancelations after this point will result in a total loss of your course fee.


Booking for someone else.

Please book using the name, email and contact details of the person attending the course only, some information will need to be sent to the DVSA.

Shared email addresses can cause errors in the system and may be cancelled.

 Please ensure that the person you are booking for has read the highway code and is familiar with how the road works.

If they are unable to demonstrate a good basic understanding of road craft on the day they may be sent home.

ALL Courses are taught in English.

To take your CBT you must be able to speak and understand the English language to a conversational level. Your course will cannot commence if communication is an issue on the day. This is due to safety reasons. 

It is not possible to have an interpreter present at any point during training sessions.

All communication whilst on the road is via radio & we must be 100% confident that students in attendance can respond safely to all instructions given. 



Medical problems or learning needs.

If you suffer from any significant medical problems or learning needs that could impact your learning & progress during your course; Please contact us via email prior to booking a CBT course.  Please ensure you disclose this information honestly, this way we are best able to help/advise you.

We can then ascertain whether training in a group environment is suitable for you and if it is likely that you would complete the course safely in a day or whether a 1:1 training situation would be better suited for you.

It may be advisable to book a one-hour session with our instructors prior to booking a CBT course if you are not competent in riding a push bike on the road or should you have any significant medical problems or learning needs. 

 Please ensure you enter the reference number provided at the time of discussion in the notes section when booking, this will allow your instructor to be aware of any difficulties whilst maintaining your confidentiality, in keeping with GDPR. 

Ready to proceed.

Prices and Availability are on the next page.

On the next screen please select from the drop down list your required course, you will then be given a list of available dates.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions.

Online Booking Advice.

Our system is checked hourly to ensure it is working correctly. 

99.9% of all issues reported to us by those having problems with the booking process, are due to errors at the customer end.

We have some advise issued by our site co-ordinator for those having problems when trying to book online.

Please ensure your email address is not being auto filled by your browser. 

When using mobile device's to make a booking, sometimes you can encounter an error during the email address stage. ie, email address not recognised or accepted.
This can be more common when using an apple device due to their new hide your email software.

Please try the following:

Entering all email address's and passwords manually (not auto-filled), 

Clearing any recent browser history, 

Using a different browser to complete the booking,

 Using a non-mobile device to complete the booking. 

This will resolve 99.9% of all booking problems.

Unfortunately, we cannot over ride this booking system process. This is due to our own data protection software, which keeps all your personal information safe with us.

Still not sure? 

Please feel free to come and visit us, have a chat, view our training facilities and bikes before making your decision on booking, we can also arrange a test ride on our bikes prior to booking if required. We are proud to offer not only the largest off-road training site in the area but also the best bikes for you to take your test on.

Contact us.

Our office is currently closed and contact is via EMAIL ONLY.


Bookings and payments are now all taken online.

All our availability is shown on the following booking page. 

If you require any additional information or have any concerns.

Send us an email with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We will aim to get back to you within 24hrs by email. 

Due to our incredibly busy work schedule it is not possible for us to return any calls.

 ALL Prices, including bike hire, using a helmet or clothing and all our availability can be found on the the next page. You do not need to enter any personal details to view this information.


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