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Alpha Motorcycle Training
Tel: 0203 544 4433


Please do not book for a friend / relative who does not have reasonable English. If they cannot fill out this form themselves then their English is not good enough.
It is also a requirement that you have read and understood the Highway Code. We cannot teach this on the day.


If in doubt call us on 0203 544 4403

Before booking your

course you must:
  • Be able to present to your instructor either:
    1. A Full UK Drivers licence ( The Plastic card with your Picture - Pink)
    2. A Provisional UK Drivers Licence ( The plastic card with your picture - Green)
    3. A full EU licence accompanied by a UK counterpart licence (D91) showing provisional motorcycle entitlement (Category A)
    4. PLUS
    5. Your previous CBT certificate. It must be no more than 4 weeks out of date, or it will not be accepted.
    6. Your own legal bike, which includes proof of insurance and a
      current CBT or pay to use ours.
    7. Your own helmet. If you do not have your own helmet you obviously do not ride regularly , therefore this course is not for you.

          And either your NI number or an access code from the DVLA web site.

    1. No other documents, photocopies or evidence of entitlement can be accepted

  • We do supply Hi-Visibility and Protective Clothing as part of the course
    if needed. However, a pair of secured ankle protecting boots are required and a
    minimum of full length unripped heavy denim jeans. These are DVSA
    regulations and are non-negotiable.

  • Track suit
    or leggings , thin trousers / Shorts are not acceptable.

    Soft shoes,
    Trainers /Sandals / Flip flops / Chelsea boots(elasticated sides), Welly Boots,
    Uggs/ Snow boots, Slippers are also not acceptable.


  • Please ensure that you have read and understood the
    Highway Code. You will be tested, and the pass mark is 12 out of 20.

  • Renewal CBT Course

    The return CBT course is fundamentally a
    standard CBT course but is only open to experienced riders who have a current
    CBT and their own bike or who ride regularly. If you have not ridden for some
    time, then book a standard CBT, this course is not for you.


    It is to be taken on the same type of bike as you passed your last CBT on.


    All elements are fully covered, but as classes are for experienced riders only, some training times can be reduced but the aim is to raise your riding standards,and the 2-hour road ride is non-negotiable.


    The course is £170 using your own bike, and £180 using ours.

    There is no guaranteed pass! You must show us competancy and the abity to ride safely within the Highway Code and with courtesy to ther road users.


    The student must produce on the day of training.

    Their plastic driving licence and NI number.

    A suitable motorbike / scooter which is road legal and in good condition.

    Their current CBT. No more than 4 weeks out of date will be accepted.

    Proof of insurance and MOT, if using own bike.

    Glasses if worn.

    Failure to produce any of the required

    Will result in the CBT being not completed, with a forfeiture of any fees paid. You will be invited to attend a standard CBT course at the standard return fee, of £20 lower than the standard rate.

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