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Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)

You can take the enhanced rider scheme if youre a fully licensed motorcyclist and have passed your test. The scheme is suitable if you:

  • have just passed your test
  • are returning to riding after a break
  • are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle
  • want to check your riding standard

This is a DVSA scheme and is the best place to start your path to better and more advanced riding and you can also get a discount on your insurance as well.  Prices start from £185.00 per day which is normally 1 to 1. Multiple booking discounts are available. You will need your own bike and we are likely to cover about 100 miles, but this is totally dependent on the way the day pans out as we will change the plan to suit during the day.


The idea of the ERS scheme is to see what your riding is like at the moment, take a few elements of that ride and improve them.  There is no test to pass or a standard to reach, we just need to see an improvement in your riding over the length of the course.

The normal length of the course is one day and we mainly focus on the country roads, as the skills we can learn there are skills we can transfer to the town, but not the other way round.

But most riders, however experienced, have areas of their motorcycling that could be better. So we will make a personal training plan for your needs.


There are 7 core modules:

Structured planned approach to riding
Defensive riding and hazard awareness
Progress and use of speed
Overtaking - filtering
Bends and corners
Slow control
Developing the correct rider attitude

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We run a number of different courses, some of whcih are single day and some are 2-3 days in length.   If the courses below are not suitable, then please call 0330 2234000 and we can arrange other dates for you.

Please select the course from this list
May 2024
Mon 27th09:00ERS - 1/2 dayCrystal Palace£110.00
June 2024
Tue 11th09:00ERSCrystal Palace£220.00
Fri 21st09:00ERSCrystal Palace£220.00

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