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CBT Motorcycle and Moped Training 
  • This course is required by all riders aged 16 and over.
  • Successful completion entitles you to ride up to 50cc, if aged 16, or up to 125cc if 17 and over with L plates displayed.
  • It is a legal requirement to gain a CBT certificate to ride any motorcycle or scooter on the road. (This is required regardless of what other licence you hold. The exception being for riding a moped if you obtained your full car licence before Feb 2001)
  • You do not need to have passed your theory test prior to taking your CBT however good knowledge of the Highway Code is required.
  • The CBT certificate lasts for 2 years.  If you have not taken and passed your test by this time, then you will need to retake your CBT.

    The training day is split into 5 elements:

Introduction:  How the syllabus works, what trainers should be able to show, the learning outcomes and assessment of skills.

Element A - Clothing & Equipment: The aims of CBT, making suitable decisions about equipment and clothing, and meeting the eyesight rules. 

Element B - Practical on-site training: How the motorcycle or moped works, what maintenance checks are needed, and getting a feel for the weight and balance of the vehicle.

Element C - Practical on-site riding: Carrying out manoeuvres safely and under full control, using the brakes, changing gear, and carrying out observations.

Element D - On-road theory training: Meeting the legal requirements to ride, attitude, positioning, separation distances, speed, anticipating what other road users may do, and preparing for developing hazards.

Element E - Practical on-road riding: Riding in typical traffic conditions (including traffic lights, roundabouts, junctions, pedestrian crossings, gradients and bends), and carrying out a u-turn and an emergency stop.

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