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Unfortunately due to our incredibly busy work schedule it is not always possible for us to receive/return any calls.

But you can contact us via:


 All our availability is shown on the booking page, any cancelations we get are always offered to pre booked customers first.

To find the earliest dates we have available please look for the split day courses.

Training with us. 

Our off road training site is by far the largest in the area giving you ample room to learn and practise your basic skills and prepare yourself for your module 1 test.

All our courses are always made enjoyable and fun but are always run to the highest possible standard. 

Please don't think that all motorcycle training is taught the same over the country, there is a huge difference in what some consider acceptable.

Your training day will be spent solely on improving your skills, confidence and getting you prepared for test.

We aim to spend your training time in the areas used for test only.
 (unless you specifically request to cover something different.) 

 We never sit in cafes or shops and drink coffee whilst being paid to train you.

Our always students notice a big difference in the standard of training received if they have previously trained elsewhere. 

This is reflected in our pass rate and reviews.

Our Bikes.

Feel confident when booking with us that you will using the latest and greatest machinery available. 

We give you machines to ride that we are happy to own and ride ourselves.

Our fleet of bikes is of the highest standard with all machines less than 3 years old with full service history and maintained to the highest standard.

Included with all our full licence courses will be a progressed step up through machine size; from the KTM Duke 125 to the KTM Duke 390 and then to the restricted A2 or unrestricted KTM Duke 790.

These machines are the lightest and best balanced bikes in their class all are equipped with most up to date electronic aids such as ABS, traction control, slipper clutches and anti-wheelie. 

The KTM Duke 790 & 890 are also equipped with lean angle sensitive ABS and bi directional quick shift system, enabling clutch-less gear changing up and down. 

Bike Hire includes fuel and insurance on a 3rd party basis.

Your training course. 

Our training days will include a minimum 1-hour specific of Module 1 test practice on each day of your training to fully prepare you for the Module 1 test.  

We only sell courses with tests booked in the local area where you do your training, this means you are always familiar with the roads you will be taken on for the module 2 test.

 You will need to have a current valid CBT to take part in a full licence course.

To take part in a full licence course you will need to have a current valid CBT certificate which must be in date for all training and tests. You must be able to produce the original certificate as copies are not accepted. If your CBT was taken at another school we will cannot help if the certificate is incorrectly completed, defaced or misplaced. Should you need to take your CBT it can be booked following this link.

CBT Availability and Bookings

What you will need to bring.    

You will need to bring your UK photo card licence with you on each day.

This must be accompanied with a valid original copy of  your CBT certificate.

(copies are not accepted, certificates with corrections are often not accepted for test unless done correctly. If your certificate has corrections please get it checked with us prior to attending.)

An original copy of your theory test pass certificate. (This must be in date)

We sometimes cannot train you without this documentation.
It is your responsibility to check your documents are valid to use for all training and tests, if you are unsure please ask us.

We highly recommend bringing your own in ear headphones with a 3.5mm Jack. We cannot connect to your personal bluetooth headset.

We will provide an over ear headphone for all on road training, however due to their size these can cause discomfort. Most students do find the in ear headphones much more comfortable. As these cannot be shared due to hygiene reasons we can only offer them for purchase for individual use at £3. We MUST have radio contact with students whilst on the road.

Appropriate Clothing. 

A Helmet, Jacket and Gloves will be required, along with appropriate sturdy bottoms without rips. Sturdy footwear including boots that cover the ankle are also required which allow easy use of the controls. 

We can supply equipment for use whilst training with us, but it is limited and we cannot cater for all shapes and sizes.  The equipment we have available consists of helmets, jackets, gloves and limited sizes in boots and trousers.

Please note: There is no protection offered by tracksuit bottoms or trainers and you may be turned away from training and tests if clothing or footwear is deemed unsuitable and alternatives are refused.


Advanced Bookings. 

All bookings made within the next 10 weeks will have the tests secured for the last day of the course.

(The times may be different to those shown.)

Please note that any bookings made for more than 10 weeks in advance will have provisional test dates, should we not be able to secure the tests for the dates you have booked alternative dates will be offered.

Haven't passed your theory yet but wish to book? 

Although we can secure tests, it is not possible for us to name a practical test if you have not passed your theory test yet.

If you wish to book prior to passing your theory test, then you can use 123456789 as your theory number on the next screen.

Your course must be booked no sooner than 3 weeks after the date of your theory test.

Should you not pass your theory test you accept that you will still attend the dates booked and potentialy forfeit your test day and test fee's.

Book your theory test

 Please bring the original theory pass certificate for training and testing.

If you do not have the original theory pass certificate, please let us know as your examiner will need to be informed prior to you attending your test.

Have you taken a motorcycle test before or been banned from driving? 

Please ensure you declare any reason which may cause an issue booking your tests. 

This includes any ban from driving and any form of extended test required (Car/Motorcycle).

If you have take a test before ( Mod1 or Mod2 not with us ) or have been refused a test for any reason.

Failure to declare an issue could result in problems when naming your test's.

How many days do I need?

We can recommend the length of course for the average person by your riding experience and whether you are familiar with the roads in and around Plymouth.

 To give you more specific advice on how much training you need we would need to see you riding a motorcycle, this could be on your CBT course or if you have  already passed that you could book a 1 hour pre-course lesson with us.

Its best to be honest with yourself when it comes to selecting your course, it's cheaper and easier to take an extra days training than it is to take your tests again.

Our recommendations for course length are as follows.

3 Day Direct Access / A2 Course. £599.50  

(For experienced riders ie currently riding a 125cc machine on the road and are familiar with the Plymouth area.)  

4 Day Direct Access / A2 Course. £730.50  

(For less experienced riders ie ridden geared motorcycles in the past on the road or those who are not familiar with the Plymouth area.)                   

5 Day Direct Access / A2 Course. £890.50  

(For those with very little experience on a geared motorcycle. If you have never ridden a geared machine before then you must take a 1hour lesson prior to booking to ensure this course is suitable for you.)


(For those with very little experience on a geared motorcycle. If you have never ridden a geared machine before then you must take a 1hour lesson prior to booking to ensure this course is suitable for you.)

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they book on the most appropriate machine and course for their skill level/abilities.

         Should you not be sure which course is most suitable for you, then please make an appointment with us to come and discus your requirements prior to attending.

We reserve the right to put you on the machine we consider is the most appropriate for your skill level/abilities.

Your instructor on the day will have the full and final decision on this.

What if I don't pass? 

The above courses include our Module 1 GUARANTEED PASS.
 Our GUARANTEED PASS entitles you to free bike hire and 1 hours training to retake the module 1 test again. 

(The test fee of £15.50 is not covered and is to be paid by the customer.)

This is something not offered by any other training school and reflects our extremely high pass rate.

This can only be honoured if you have booked the appropriate course for your experience and your re-test is taken within a reasonable period of 21 days or at the first available opportunity offered by us. 

Additional training or retests taken outside of these conditions will be charged at our usual rates. 

We cannot not extend this to the module 2 test due to the majority failures being from bad habits and poor road craft skills. 

The module 2 test carries the biggest risk for our insurers as you are riding our bike on the road and not under any instruction for the duration of the test.

The cost of a Module 2 test including a 2 hour refresher lesson prior to the test is £175 and cannot be taken within 10 working days of your last test. Any further training is charged at our hourly or daily rate.

If you are unsure of how many days to book, it is cheaper (and quicker) in the long run to book an extra day on your course to ensure you are ready on test day.

All our full licence courses will have both the module 1 and module 2 test booked on the last day, should you not attend, or not pass the module 1 test then you will not be able to attend the module 2 test.

What if I need to change the date?

Please ensure that you can attend on the dates you select as transferring dates is not always possible.


To request transferring dates please contact us via email, a minimum notice period of 31days/1month must be given.

Courses are in English.

To take your training and test you must be able to speak and understand the English language to a conversational level. Your course will not commence if communication is an issue on the day. This is due to safety reasons. 

It is not possible to have an interpreter present at any point during training sessions.

All communication whilst on the road is via radio & we must be 100% confident that students in attendance can respond safely to all instructions given. 


Medical problems or learning needs.

If you suffer from any significant medical problems or learning needs that could impact your learning & progress during your course; 

Please ensure you disclose this in the notes section when booking. 

It is advisable to book a one hour session with our instructors prior to booking a course if you are not sure on how many days to book or should you have any significant medical problems or learning needs. 

We can then advise you on the best route to gaining your full licence.

Ready to book.

Prices and Availability are on the next page.  

On the next screen you can select your required course. 

We have courses that run over consecutive days or courses that run over split days. Which you choose is up to you, however with a split course we will normally get you in sooner and you also have the option of fitting in a bit of extra training prior to test day if required. 

You do not have to enter any personal information to view our availability or prices. 

Still not sure? 

Please feel free to come and visit us, have a chat and view our training facilities and bikes before making your decision on booking.

We can also arrange a test ride on our bikes prior to booking if required.

We are proud to offer not only the largest off-road training site in the area but also the best bikes for you to take your test on.

Contact us.


Unfortunately due to our incredibly busy work schedule it is not always possible for us to receive/return any calls.

But you can contact us via:


If you require any additional information or have any concerns.

Send us an email with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We will aim to get back to you within 24hrs by email. 

 ALL Prices, including bike hire, using a helmet or clothing and our availability can be found on the the next page. You do not need to enter any personal details to view this information.


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