Ticket To Ride Motorcycle Training

T K Cope moto, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JW
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About Ticket To Ride Motorcycle Training

Everyone from the age of 16yrs, taking to two wheeled motorcycle or scooter transport has to complete, CBT (DL196) successfully reaching a safe standard and riding on the road safely at all times, with all the other rider/drivers on the road with them.
The DVSA, (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency, Dept. for Transport), wants potential new riders to take the CBT course seriously and enjoy learning safely and not see CBT as training to be grudgingly endured.
You should aim to be a safe and confident rider for life. CBT is; a practical skills training and assessment of the new rider. CBT is designed to involve & interest & inspire the new rider, to be a safe and conscientious road user. The rider is training to achieve a level of skill and ability to cope safely with todays traffic environment and road system.
The rider needs to demonstrate a safe, correct riding practice and maintain their safety and show they can share the road correctly with other road users.
The successful rider will be issued their DL 196 CBT Certificate, by the conducting DVSA Instructor.
CBT can be done in the day. This isnt always the case, not everyone gains the skills necessary, some can suffer nerves which hampers progress & may just need more training. It depends on confidence and the abilities of the individual concerned. Be able to take and use the instruction & coaching to achieve the required safe road riding standard and be able to demonstrate those skills correctly, safely on road.
The rider needs to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the current High Way Code.
Riders do need to know the rules of the road and how the high way code informs the road user what is required to ride/drive safely on all roads. On CBT a persons high way code knowledge is checked and should be found to be of a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding before venturing out on road.
Dont forget CBT is also a great way to find out if motorcycling/scootering is for you! Ticket2Ride motorcycle training endeavours to make the experience a good one.
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