Adventures on Wheels Ltd

Chain Bridge Farm Yard, Melrose, Scottish Borders, TD6 9LP
Helmet hire included
Gloves and jacket hire included

Nearest Public transport

The nearest railway stations are Tweedbank (1 mile) Edinburgh (41 miles); Carlisle (56 miles), Lockerbie (53 miles) and Berwick (40 miles). Bus services are available to Selkirk from Carlisle, Edinburgh and Berwick. There are no bus services from Lockerbie.

About Adventures on Wheels Ltd

We pride ourselves in running our courses to your requirements and not that of a set course, all you have to do is tell us what you would like to improve, or experience possibly for the first time.

At Adventure On Wheels Ltd. we believe that during your time with us your Safety is the most important factor, followed by your Enjoyment, which in turn encourages a greater and easier degree of Learning. SEL = SAFETY-ENJOYMENT-LEARNING.

With over forty years' experience in teaching, coaching and assessing a multitude of activities to all levels of abilities and ages, Tom, our Company Director, understands that the ability to achieve is within us all, but that the duration and the presentation often has to be tailored to the individual, in conjunction with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Too often we hear of the difficulties in achieving a pre-determined standard such as CBT within a designated timescale, often governed by cost over the set time.

With this in mind we have designed three programs to help you obtain your Motorcycle CBT and DAS etc, offering you:
a safer, more professional approach to your motorcycle training,

more flexible choice,

better value for money,

enhanced opportunities to achieve your goals, with less pressure