Streetwise Motorcycle Training

Makro, Pitcairn Drive, Dudley Road, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 8AZ
Indoor classroom
Bike hire included
Helmet hire included
Gloves and jacket hire included
Other CBT dates available

About Streetwise Motorcycle Training

We want you to ride from Streetbike safely and we want you to ride for a long time yet. This is why we invested in our own on site rider training school from day one. We wont rely on a third party to look after our new riders we control the quality from training to bikes to gear

We are proud of our fantastic first time pass rate for Motorcycle Training.

All our bikes are new. All our gear is the right stuff. Steve and the boys live and breathe their craft and they are great with brand new riders. It can be nervy getting on 2 wheels for the first time. Weve been going for 20 years now so we know that and how to get you past it.

Safety is our priority. Period. We get a bit anoraky about it to be honest, but thats the way it has to be. There aint too much room for error so, for your sake, we dont compromise our standards. That said, were here to get you through. And thats what we always aim to do as quickly and safely as possible.

Be it CBT or a full licence, we cover it all. Streetbike is a "One Stop Destination Dealership"

Above all, we never forget its supposed to be fun. And it is. Better than that, when youve got your licence, got your bike and your riding, its life changing. Youll know what I mean when youre there. And once youre in, youll never go back. Its just ace.