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About Biketec Motorcycle Training

After becoming a full-time training school in 2001, Biketec invested in some additional training bikes. With a current fleet in excess of 25 bikes, we are not only able to meet the current demand for CBT and Motorcycle Tests but we are also able to offer you a variety of styles of motorbikes and scooters. For those wishing to learn on a 50cc twist-and-go scooter we use and recommend the Yamaha Neos. Its one of the funkiest and - most reliable 50cc scooters on the market. With an urban mpg of around 90mpg and a yearly road tax of £16 its hard to commute for less than this.

If youre over 17 and only want to ride an automatic scooter you are legally allowed to ride a 125cc. For training we use and recommend the Honda Dylan. Capable of up to 70 mph but still returning up to 70 mpg the Honda also offers a cheap commute (£16 road tax too) together with Hondas renowned built quality.

When it comes to getting your leg over a bike, our 125cc fleet consists of mainly Yamaha YBRs and Honda CBF 125s. With a 5 speed gearbox, both bikes are bullet-proof training-school favourites.

In order to sit the big bike test we have a fleet of 8 Direct Access bikes, 7 of which are Kawasaki ER5s. The Kawasaki ER5 is also a well liked training, commuter and courier bike with 50bhp at your disposal, weighing 179kg and has a seat height of 80cm although we have a low seat option for those with a smaller inside leg!

The Chief Instructor, Eric, rides a BMW K1100LT whilst the part-timers ride a variety of bikes ranging from a Suzuki V-Strom 650 to a BMW R1200RT.

Biketecs motorcycle instructors come from all walks of life, from retired Police Sergeant to serving Constable, oil related workers to ex Helicopter Pilot. The main thing we have in common is we all love biking and we want you to enjoy it too.

We offer the free hire of protective clothing, (helmets, gloves, jackets and waterproofs) and whilst training on the road we use extra hi-viz jackets, trousers and vests ... your safety is paramount.

Bike hire is available too if you are completing motorcycle training with Biketec, subject to terms and conditions. From £35 per day or £100 Monday to Friday, this is an excellent way to improve youre riding skills once you have completed your CBT.

With our highly trained instructors, their methods of instruction being monitored throughout the year, at Biketec you know youre in safe hands.

Once you have passed your test we hope that isnt the last we see of you. Once you have got to grips with your latest toy, you are invited to re-visit us and we will take your riding a peg higher demonstrating safer riding techniques, including cornering, reading the road, correct road position, system of overtaking, to name but a few. Thereafter, we hope you might progress to sitting the I.A.M. Advanced Motorcycle Test.

If I book a CBT test in Aberdeen what would I be doing?

A CBT test consists of 5 elements labelled A to E. You will do these 5 elements in order throughout the day.

The DVSA have produced an excellent short video showing you the elements of a CBT. Here is the video and below it is the description of each of the elements.

Element A comprises of talk about clothing, safety helmet and equipment. This is also when your licence and eyesight will be checked and the aims of the course outlined. Make sure to bring your glasses or contact lenses if you wear them as you will need to read a registration plate at a distance of 20 metres. You will also learn:

  • Understanding the legal requirement to riding
  • Reinforcing your understanding of the Highway Code to a good level
  • Objectives of completing the CBT test
  • Understanding the importance of using good motorcycle equipment and clothing
book a CBT test in Aberdeen

Element B introduces you to the machine and its controls and includes:

  • Using the motorcycle stands to safely park your bike
  • Familiarity with the different motorcycle or scooter controls
  • Wheel the bike round to the left and right
  • Starting and stopping the engine
  • Carrying out basic maintenance checks

Element C is the main part of the course and takes place on an approved training site (CBT pad). This is when you will learn to:

  • Pull away, stop, start and change gears (where applicable)
  • Ride in a straight line
  • Ride in a slow and controlled manner
  • Change gears
  • Use both brakes
  • Ride a figure of eight
  • Carry out left, right and U-turns
  • Carry out emergency braking
  • Ride round bends safely
  • Carry out rear observation
book a CBT test in Aberdeen

Element D is a return to the class room prior to going out on the road. You will get a full briefing explaining:

  • The use of speed, road positioning, safe driving distances
  • The importance of the Highway Code
  • Your visibility on the road
  • Using rear observation
  • Riding at the correct speeds, road positioning and distance between other vehicles according to traffic and road conditions.
  • Learning to anticipate danger and riding defensively
  • Care will also be given in explaining about the radios and how not to get lost on the road

Element E is where you put all the above into practise by riding on the road. You will go out on the road with an instructor two at a time with a radio link. You must do at least two hours of road tuition, which must include doing a U-turn and emergency stop. At the outset the instructor will give plenty of guidance and help, but towards the end of the time on the road the instructor will be looking to see if you can get safely from one place to another without hurting yourself or anybody else.

How long does a CBT Test Take?

A CBT test can normally be completed in a day, but may take longer if you need more time to master the control of the motorcycle or moped. Knowing how to ride a bicycle will really help, so if you have not ridden one for a while it's a good thing to do before you take your CBT.

If you do not complete your CBT to the instructors satisfaction then you will be asked to come back on another day for additional training. If this happens do not be alarmed or upset, some people take longer to master control of a two wheeled vehicle than others, but we all get there in the end. The most important thing to remember is its for your safety. Your instructor will be thinking of your safety if they ask you to come back for additional training.

Is CBT a test or an evaluation?

Contrary to popular belief, a CBT is more of an evaluation than a test; your instructor will, throughout the day, observe your abilities and, if you complete the day to the required competency, you shall be awarded a pass certificate (professionally known as a DL196). A CBT certificate is valid for two years and once you have completed your full motorcycle examination, you will no longer have to renew your CBT. However, if you do not carry on your training in Aberdeen, you will be required to re-sit your CBT test after two years.