The 'In-Contact' booking system for Motorcycle Training Companies (ATBs)

In-Contact booking system for motorcycle training companies (ATBs)

Originally developed for the national motorcycle training company 'CSM Rider Training' in 1987, 'In-Contact' has evolved to become the market leading online booking, payment and customer relationship management software system for motorcycle training companies across the United Kingdom.

Over 1,000 CBTs booked every week

On average the system takes over 1,000 CBT bookings every week on behalf of motorcycle training companies. The money from these bookings comes direct to you into your own bank account.

Take bookings even when you are training

In-Contact will enable your staff to take bookings over the phone, face to face or online through your own website. Staff then have more time to do other things thereby increasing your productivity.

Book any type of motorcycle training

'In-Contact' enables you to take bookings for CBTs, introduction to motorcycling courses, refreshers, A1 training, A2 training, DAS training, ERS training, module 1 test training, module 2 test training. You can even create your own custom courses and have customers book them online too.

The main features and benefits of 'In-Contact'

Easy bookings

Book new customers into courses, take payment and send a confirmation in minutes. Customers can also book online through your own website or social media.

Import tests from DVSA

Built in import of tests from your DVSA account. When you have booked your tests with the DVSA you can download the tests and then upload then straight into your 'In-Contact' diaries, no need to re-enter them.

Create your DL196 returns automatically

The DVSA now require all DL196 returns to be done electronically. As 'In-Contact' holds all of the data needed to generate your DL196 return you can create it every time you complete a CBT book. This saves so much time and effort!

Add training notes whilst out training.

Using a phone or tablet your instructors can enter training notes anytime. They can even record the details of the CBT certificate issued, get customers to sign terms and conditions or disclaimers electronically, and get customers to check or update their own details. This all removes the need for any paperwork saving you time and effort.

GDPR and PCI DSS compliant

In-Contact' allows you to be fully GDPR compliant easily. Permission to market is always asked for, freedom of information requests can be created instantly, and removal requests acted on immediately. With credit card processing 'In-Contact' is fully PCI DSS compliant, no card details are stored and your customer data is kept safe.

DVSA test cancellation reminders

After importing your DVSA tests 'In-Contact' will remind you before the final cancellation date if you have not filled the test. This saves you both time and money.

Instructor and staff planner

You staff and instructors can always see what courses they are running. They can view the diaries, use the staff planner or receive regular emails with the courses they are running listed.

Bike planner

Bikes can be automatically allocated when bookings are made. If no suitable bikes are available then 'In-Contact' will warn you about it straight away. This means you do not end up with more bookings than bikes at any given time.

Gift vouchers

Sell gift vouchers over the phone or though your website. Vouchers are automatically generated and send via email, the money comes direct to you immediately.

Collect reviews

Send out your own review requests and collect the review details yourself. Publish your reviews on your own website so that everyone can read them.

Automated course reminders

Make sure your customers don't forget their course by sending out reminders automatically via email or SMS text.

Automated CBT expiry reminders

'In-Contact' will automatically send a CBT expiry reminder to customers who have done CBTs with you in the past, saving you the effort of having to find and contact them.

Query and mailshots

Generate more business from your existing customers. Find customers who require further training and send them a mailshot.


Lots of reports built in so you can keep track of what is going on in your company. Income, expenses, bookings, communication, courses with spaces and many more.

Virtual SMS number

Communicate with your customers using SMS without even needing a mobile phone! A virtual number means you can send and receive SMS messages with 'In-Contact' and every staff member can see and reply to messages.

Motorcycle maintenance

Record tyre tread depths, mileage and other service details for each of your vehicles. This allows you to keep a full service history for every bike you own.