List on for FREE

As an ATB you are welcome to list your motorcycle training company on this site at no cost. Listing with us has many advantages...

Your Company, your name

All ATBs can list on this site for free. We advertise your company, your logo, your contact details, your website address.

Take CBT bookings online

You can use our online booking system to add all your CBT courses. That way customers can not only see your availability they can also book in and pay you directly.

All money comes to you

Even if the booking is taken through this site you still get all the money, no commission, no referral fee.

Your customers, your data

Any customer you receive through this site belongs to you - you can sell them further training and equipment. We will not market to your customers, or pass on the customer data to other ATBs, the data belongs to you.

Update your details any time

The details you can see can be updated by you any time. If you have an 'In-Contact' account you can update them from there, if not just contact us for the link and you can update any of your advertised details.

Integrates with the best booking system for ATBs

If you want to do more than just book CBTs then this system integrates with 'In-Contact', the best booking system for ATBs. In operation since 2001 we have many happy ATBs who manage their day to day operations through 'In-Contact'.

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