Bryans Motorcycle Training Centre

Bet 365 Stadium, Stoke-On-Trent, ST4 4EG
MCIA RIDE approved training centre
Helmet hire included
Other CBT dates available

About Bryans Motorcycle Training Centre

Those riders have gone on to achieve their various goals in this exciting world of motorcycling, whether it be commuting through busy town to planning a round-the-world adventure.

Bryans motorcycle training has always been there to help you achieve these goals and we look forward to helping the next generation of riders through the various stages of their development to becoming a safe responsible motorcyclist. The centres location is perfect, being right on the doorstep of North Staffordshires major arterial roads and within minutes of every type of road available, from urban streets to A and B roads and the motorway for those doing post test training.

We are surrounded by several acres of open tarmac to which Bryans have exclusive access, making an unrivalled venue to learn in complete safety, free of any traffic or other hazards, both on our large CBT training area or the full sized Mod 1 practice area.

Here riders can be trained in the basics of bike control so they are completely familiar and comfortable with its workings before venturing out onto the public road. In addition, it is also the perfect place to practice more demanding skills such as the emergency stop and more advanced handling techniques, again in an environment where there is ample room to correct mistakes safely.