Abbey Rider Training

Abbey Stadium, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25 4DN
MCIA RIDE approved training centre
Helmet hire included

About Abbey Rider Training

Whatever type of bike you want to ride, we can guide you through the entire process, from complete novice through to full licence, or even further with our advanced lessons or back to biking for Rusty Riders.

Riding should be fun, not a test of endurance. We avoid intensive courses.

We will never deliberately quote a ridiculously cheap course price just to get your booking, and we are always happy to explain our course structures so you can make accurate comparisons.

Our courses are structured so they can be modified to suit any skill level.

Beware of trusting quotes like Two or three days and youll be fine, especially from someone who has not seen you ride, thats another reason to do our intro lesson. it allows us to give you an honest estimate. In what other trade do people quote for jobs unseen?

Booking the wrong course could leave you paying for training you dont need, or being left short and losing a test fee.